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ProLace 6.5, the Underlay Specialist

ProLace 6.5, the Underlay Specialist

Borer and Chemical Lace designs consume much time!
ProLace 6.5 will help to reduce cost.

At the moment Cotton Borer designs are very trendy. To help our customers to reduce cost AllCAD Technologies Ltd. introduced already with Version 6 powerful automatic programs for many borer situations. Now with Version 6.5 also the underlay stitches can be generated automatically, what is another important step forward to reduce the development cost of Borer designs and Chemical lace designs.
Apart from automatic programs for Underlay stitches, many new programs have been added like Nets for Chemical Lace, programs to design and punch connectors for Chemical Lace and many more.

Underlay stitches for Borer

Underlay stitches for connected holes, steffel and round steffel can be added with a single click on a previously constructed borer effect.
The underlay stitch length and the parallel distance from the boundary can be defined.
Steffel and Round Steffel can be inserted on one of the sides only or on both sides. The start side of the underlay stitches can be defined.

For borer with predefined shapes like circle, rectangle, ellipse, drop and the new polygon the number of layers (one or two) can be defined.
In case of two layers the second layer will be wiggled.
The wiggle width can be defined.

To punch Chemical Lace designs becomes much easier

Previous program versions were able to design wiggle stitches for simple curves only.
Now also complex situations can be solved with powerful automatic programs. You just have to design the outlines, the direction lines and define the distance between the connectors and the program will generate the complete effect with underlay and wiggle stitches.

A very time consuming undertaking if you have to punch such a situation manually!
Many other situations can now also be solved with automatic programs.

Important nets for Chemical Lace have been added

To punch nets was up to now a very time consuming task. All nets had to be punched manually. Not so with version 6.5! We have added some of the most important nets for chemical lace in different qualities.
All nets are based on our module technique, what means that you can modify existing nets or add your own version of nets.

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