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ProLace 6.6, another Step to Perfection

ProLace 6.6, another Step to Perfection

After extensive work with the latest ProLace Version 6.5, we are glad to launch Version 6.6 to complete ProLace with many useful features, which were still missing in the program.
We also used this quiet period to clean up the software and eliminate defects and problems uncovered during the work with ProLace.

Important addition to the Buren Stitch

The Buren, respectively Farmer stitch is crucial for floral designs, but important also to divide a Blattstitches with too long stitches.

When sampling floral lingerie designs with this effect I realized that sometimes more irregularity would be nice, so we added the new parameter Alternate which defines, that after each stitch there is a change between minimum and maximum over stitching of the center line.

Underlay for automatic stitches

To use automatic underlay is very useful and has the advantage that in case of necessary modifications parameters like offset, stitch length, shuttle pull compensation can be changed for the whole design with one single command.

In the previous Version 6.5 underlay stitches have been added for the most common automatic stitch types.
Now underlay also for Geflect stitches and Star Dots have been added. In addition, double underlay for the standard version of the underlay can be created.

We listen to our valued Customers and Users!

Our strength is that we have always an open ear for requests or wishes of our valued users!

One of our punchers faced the problem that he had to punch a series of designs with Cord yarn, laid as meander on the fabric.
The Geflect stitch would be perfect for this job, but the turn stitches were too short and not equal length on both sides to be used for a cord yarn application.

To help our customer we introduced the new turn stitch Cord, which relieved him from extensive and time consuming manual punching.

Do you want to know more?

These were just the highlights of this new release. If you want to receive a more detailed description of all the new features, or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by email on dieter@allcad.com.

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