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Customer Training

We provide professional training for our customers and their staff at our clients location or in our in-house training facilities at very attractive rates.

Our training is fully customizable and adapts to our clients abilities and requirements. Training can be ordered just for a single day or one to two weeks.

Embroidery Training

We can provide basic Embroidery Training in case that the trainee has no experience in Embroidery.

ProLace System Training

ProLace Training can be provided for students with Embroidery background. In this case they learn how Design & Punch with our ProLace System.
In average the training for the Sketching and Design part will take about 1 week (5 days) and the Punching part another week (5 days).

Punching Training

For novice punchers we can also provide Basic and Advanced Punching training based on our AllCAD ProLace System.

Online Training via Skype

In certain situations do we also provide training via Skype. This might be interesting if a user needs training for a particular part of the software.

Video Courses for all Levels

As a member of our Free ProLace User Group will you have access to video courses for all user levels, from beginners to advanced users.
There is also a section with Tips & Tricks with solutions for special situations.