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The Motor of your Creativity

Hand Sketch with Pen and Tablet

It is possible to draw with a traditional Tablet or a Screen Tablet.
The result are curves, which can directly be used as outlines for e.g. Blattstitches or as center lines for Stiel stitches.
The curves can of course be modified to achieve perfect results.

Design Outlines

A broad range of drawing, editing and construction commands, tailor made for the situation in Embroidery design, assist the users in the implementation of their ideas.
A special function to arrange an allover design and the possibility to work with design blocks allows to work in the most efficient way already from the very beginning.

Technical Embroidery Design

With powerful Automatic Stitches you can apply an infinite number of stitch patterns and stitch types to areas and curves. The result are embroidery objects with real stitches. These embroidery objects can easily be duplicated, mirrored, rotated, scaled, trimmed, arranged, etc,
Finally you get the Technical Embroidery Design, which enables you to generate a very accurate Stitch Estimation of the design.

Embroidery Simulation

With ProView you can also generate a photo realistic Embroidery Simulation, which gives you a close to reality impression of the final Embroidery.
With the Embroidery Simulation and the Stitch Estimation your Marketing and Sales team have all what they need to give the customer a quick proposal.


With ProLace, the puncher inserts underlay and machine functions and he defines the embroidery order by connecting the single embroidery objects.
If corrections on the design are necessary, the puncher can perform them directly by himself because all drawing functions are at his disposal.
Finally the stitch data can be generated in all major Schiffli formats and in the Tajima multihead format.

Sampling on Multihead

Smaller Design & Punching Studios can do the Sampling on smaller Multihead machines.
In this way they can offer their customers the full service range from the Sketch to the ready Embroidery Sample.
It also enables them to test new effects in house before they apply them in their designs.
Embroidery Factories produce their samples normally on smaller Sampling Machines.


Embroidery designs, made with ProLace, are machine independent.
That means, that you can write machine data in every format, which supports the production techniques used in the design.
This is a big advantage for companies with a mixed machine park. They don't have to convert their designs. what is always a certain risk and often results in data loss (e.g. Sequin information).
ProLace also offers powerful features to adjust designs for a certain machine type (e.g. automatically replacing Lock Stitches, or adjusting Shuttle Pull Compensation)

Most efficient Workflow

In the traditional way designers created a sketch, which was converted to technical design and then punched, sampled and the customer could get the sample along with a quotation after at least one week.

Not so with ProLace. With ProLace you can draw the sketch directly with the computer, apply stitches and already after several hours, depending on the complexity of the design, can you get a stitch estimation and a simulation of the embroidery which you can present to the Customer.
If not approved the design goes back to the designer who can make the necessary modifications, if approved a sample can be produced.

In this way you can reduce your response time and reduce punching and sampling cost.

Why Choose AllCAD ProLace

Efficient & Friendly Training
Efficient & Friendly Training
Efficient & Friendly Training
Our professional trainers provide you with the knowledge for a smooth start.
Unparalleled support
Unparalleled support
Unparalleled support
Your problem is our problem. Support is provided by the most qualified person, the programmer.
Passionate experts
Passionate experts
Passionate experts
Embroidery is not only our profession, it's our passion. You can feel it when you get in touch with our experts.

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